Lu Jong Educator Courses

12-day Teacher´s Training for Lu Jong Tibetan Healing yoga.

Taught in English, Spanish, Dutch.


“Lu Jong practice and teaching has had a very profound effect on my daily life, giving me a very practical tool to quickly reconnect when I feel imbalanced. It has brought me more awareness, both on a physical as on a mental and emotional level. With the regular practice of Lu Jong I can stay connected to my own nature, and be healthy and happy on a daily basis.”


Education: Registration Deposit € 420,- (payable to Nangten Menlang International)
Education: Remainder of Tuition € 1430,-
Certification Weekend Tuition € 380,- (payable to Nangten Menglang International)
Total € 2230,-
*Prices do not include food, lodging or travel

Education Curriculum Details for the full course

• History of Lu Jong

• Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism

• Overview of Tibetan Medicine

• The Lu Jong Practice and Modifications

• Additional Practices

• Pedagogic Tools

• Exam preparation

Mini course 10 hours• Learn all the Lu Jong I exercises• Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism• Stretching and core body exercises• Breathing techniques • MeditationCost: €250(includes hand-out to continue practice at home!)Next upcoming education course dates: